Released Dogs

Released Dogs

Sometimes a dog that we train does not make it in the service dog world.  Sometimes they have a fear of being in public, or maybe they have a medical condition that is not suitable for service work. And sometimes, they just want a career change so they can be your pet. When this happens, we put the dog on our website for adoption.

All Power Paws released dogs are placed in homes on a one month trial basis. This way if the dog does not fit your lifestyle or home environment, you can return dog to Power Paws and receive a refund. No refund will be given after 30 days. It is understood that said dog will live out its natural life as the companion of the buyer. If at any time the buyer can no longer keep said dog, Power Paws retains first right of refusal, meaning the dog is returned to Power Paws, not sold or given away to any other parties.

We are not getting “rid” of these dogs. They are valuable members of our organization raised by our loving puppy raiser families. They have had an incredible amount of time and energy put into them up to this point. We have set our standards so high not all puppies in training turn in to working assistance dogs. We offer these released dogs a chance at being someone’s special companion, a life-long friend, and a loving pet.

Training, socialization, house manners and house breaking are very valuable commodities. Power Paws HIGHLY recommends that you enroll in an obedience training course AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with said dog. Training strengthens the human/canine bond and increase your chances of having the PERFECT dog.

Although it may seem like a great deal of money to spend on a dog, consider this:

If you buy a puppy:

Price anywhere from $50.00 – $4,000.00
Series of Vaccinations needed: $250.00
Spay or Neuter: $200.00 – $400.00
Basic Obedience Training: $65.00 – $750.00
Health Clearances: $350.00
Any other vet bills: 0 – $1,000.00

When you get a released dog from us we have done all that for you, the training, housebreaking, socialization, the shots, the spay or neuter, and many times health clearances. The price still does not reflect all our time and effort.

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting any of our released dogs.

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Available released dogs: None at this time.